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I didn't get any drawing done today. I did get some ideas down for my UM/TC fic from long ago, during some rare down time at work today.

The plant is down for serious repair. But that means lots of inspections to different parts of the plant. And since our job is to watche the water quality going through these areas we also get to help with the inspections. I got to go into part of our condenser. That was difficult due to the small opening at an odd angle. I also managed to get covered in grease from some place on there, and managed to smear it all over my face several times. I couldn't seem to be able to keep the stuff off my hands and I though my face more than I should.

I also helped with the cooling tower inspection. I got to go into the cooling tower during our last outage, so I didn't go down in there this time. I did have to be the "hole watch" for the others while they were down in it. The cooling tower is 4 stories high, and today's temperatures only reached 33F at the warmest point, and being so high up had aweful wind gusts dropping the temperature more. I'm so glad I remembered to where my thermals and all my other layers today.

I've gotten several hours of over time this week. As much as I enjoy getting the extra money, I really hope that tomorrow we can get off on time. And I really hope the weekend isn't taken over by things. I'm looking forward to resting some.


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