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Today has not gone the way I was expecting it to. My plan today was to read fanfiction, try to write some fanfiction, and draw some fan art since I had the day off. I was able to spend time on the first two. Read probably more than I should, but I keep finding new good stuff to read. I also managed to get some words in for the third chapter of the Ultra Magnus/Thundercracker story I started 2 years ago. Thankfully, I had started the third chapter that long ago, so I had a start for it, but I'm running into the issue of I have all these ideas for things I want the characters to go through, but I have no idea on how to really get them there. Most of my writing this morning felt more like rambles than coherent thoughts or story.

One issue I was having also, was my apparent inability to type on my iPad. My typing was very slow. So slow that I would actually forget what I was wanting to type and had to spend time going back trying to figure out what the wording I originally had in my mind was. And the typos OH the typos. I normally have typos, because I can't spell most words to save my life, but using a touch screen keyboard is a huge weakness of mine. I brought this issue up to my husband when he finally got up and we went for lunch. He suggested we head to BestBuy and see what kinds of cheap computers they had. Since I was only tempted at the idea to have a good keyboard for writing and easy access to the internet, and a way to store drawing photos and prompts without them being confined to my phone.

So we hit Best Buy and long story cut short of all the internal debating, I came home with a $250 Acer Chromebook. I'm really liking it so far. I spend sometime getting it registered, trying to remember the wifi password, and then more time trying to remember the password to my google account. The curse of using the autosave password feature. I then spent time getting my top sites saved to the chrome bookmark tab. I was surprised to see some of my old work pages saved from a year and a half ago. I was also surprised that most of my accounts did still have the username and password saved to it. I guess that is a plus using chrome.

Then I sadly had to do adult stuff and I didn't get to work on much like I would have liked. Now at 18:20 I need to decide if I want to try working on my fanfiction more, or work on the drawing I started last night.

Haha, that drawing, wow. It kind of has me feeling awkward. I did the RNG for a random pose to work with. The pose was one of the more sexier poses. Pose turned to the back, bent over halfway, arms behind their back. Yeah... I think it's going to come out as a weird bondage type of drawing than the cute I'm use to doing. I'm really happy and excited to be working on it, because it does get me out of my comfort zone, but also because it has my husband off to the side making comments about how I should "totally draw porn". He knows the types of fanfiction I enjoy reading, that I struggle with writing sexy stories, and that I struggle drawing anything other than fluff as well. It's nice and weird to have a spouse encouraging me to draw and write pornagraphic materials. So hopefully this one will be something of soft porn maybe? Work my way up right? I got the pose drawn, the flat colors in and details and shading on one leg.

I'm being weird also in that I want to post it some place. Share the unfinished piece, but I don't know if people do that. Is there a place for things like that? I don't think I've seen unfinished work like I'm wanting to post. Maybe they share rough sketch, lines, colors progress, but not a "here's what I managed to get done since the last time I worked on this" type of thing. I don't know. Maybe I'll start a new twitter for that or something. Probably will start a new twitter if I get too into drawing certain materials. Too many people I know irl on my main one. I already get a hard time sometimes about my robot/toy postings as it is. I can only imagine what would happen if I started posting porn to it. Sweet, prudish, little sammyphoenix posting porn! *pearl clutches* lol. Though some of it may be fun to see.


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