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I didn't get any drawing done today. I did get some ideas down for my UM/TC fic from long ago, during some rare down time at work today.

I had to work over two hours. )
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As much as I am enjoying my work, I often question if my boss likes me as a worker. A lot of the time things seem to be going fine. But then I have days where she seems upset about everything I'm doing, over critical maybe. I don't know if she is just stressed about upcoming events and is noticing things more because she doesn't want there to be any issues. Maybe I'm just really sloppy some days... That may be true, but somethings she criticizes days later; the way I took a measurement, learning how she wants me to take notes, etc.

Then, I have moments that make me frustrated because I know it's my own fault. Like today, during our meeting, we were going over one of my tasks I was to do this week. I spent a few hours finding all the MSDS' we need and making sure we have a digital copy of them. I found all but a couple and made note of that. However, this morning, they weren't in the folder they were suppose to be in. I only managed to find maybe 8 of the 20 documents that I was missing. So now I need to do some of that work again in figuring out which documents I am still missing.

I know some of the way I'm feeling is that I tend to take it really bad when people criticize me. I've improved compared to how I use to react. In that past I would be a blubbering mess in the bathroom after a day like today. Now, I'm just probably over worrying. I really don't want to have issues with this job, with my boss. I don't know how well we get a long work wise though. As I've been writing I feel over criticized and haven't been liking her tone of my work. And I've been trying to not get grumpy when I come in each morning and things are changed from the way before. It's her lab and she can set it up however she wants. It just kind of bothers me that she asks me to do things, but she just goes behind me later and moves it or does it some other way. I feel like I'm wasting my time. And I really try not to let it bother me when she does this in my own space. Moving my notebooks around, rearranging how I have office supplies set out on my desk, an order I have a system for.

It's all small stuff, but it bothers me.


Mar. 15th, 2016 06:46 pm
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I’m getting better at taking videos through the microscope with my iPhone. However, I was having issues with focusing on specific areas, like focusing on one specific fish. I was able to get some decent video of developing beating hearts in an embryo and in a hatched baby fish that had not yet inflated it’s swim bladder (they mostly stay still that then). But there was so much white background. I tried to find some computer software that would let me crop the white areas out, but everything costs money I don’t have. I did find an app on iPhone that would crop my videos the way I wanted and let me send it to myself through email, or several other ways.

So now I have two examples showing the two chamber heart of a developing zebrafish. Nothing to do with my work since my lab will be focusing on the fishes brains and neurobiology.

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One of the undergrads showed me how take pictures of our embryos through the microscope. It is very tricky with the iPhone because the auto-focus wants to focus on the microscope's eye-piece instead of the view through the lens. It also picks up the light awkwardly, but it does the jo

I should have taken another photo when I looked at them today. They were about 48 hours today. Their eyes are more define and they have a lot of pigment cells. I'll try to take a photo to share with the next batch of breeders I do.

Something that I can't share through photos is the beating heart. I can't recall when they start beating, but it is very visible. I really enjoy seeing the fish develop.

These eggs are about 24 hours old.
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Yesterday I was taught how to select pairs of fish for breeding, and this morning how to set the setting to get them to breed. Over all 3 pairs of fish laid about 200 eggs. Only 122 of them were viable embryos, though.

I got to set up 7 pairs on my own today and tomorrow I will set up their breeding and embryo collection. I'm very excited with what I'm learning to do.

One set of the fertilized zebrafish eggs
One set of fertilized zebrafish eggs

One of seven breeding pairs (aren't they so cute ^^)
One of seven breeding pairs
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I wish I had more to write about. Life isn't that eventful sadly. My lab fish are still alive even though we had some issues with the dosing of the tanks and worry about the pH and conductivity of the tanks getting too high. Slowly things are coming together. Tomorrow we are getting another undergrad who was hired so they can be here for morning feedings and I don't have to do that everyday on my own. Especially once we start doing research work. Tomorrow, the PI is going to show myself and most of the undergrads how to set up breeding chambers. PI isn't sure if we will actually have a successful breeding, the females may not be back into a biological groove for breeding yet, but it's worth a shot for the learning experience of setting it up and trying to get things started. I'm excited to learn things like this. The breeding tanks are more hands off than when we start working directly with the embryos, but I am looking forward to learning something new now that we have fish.

Zebrafish with a mutation the produces spots instead of stripes
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Didn't get the Core Lab job. Strike three I guess. Not to disappointed since I've interviewed several times in the past and they keep turning me down. Whatever. I know they are worried that I wouldn't like the work, but I've tried to explain that I knew what I was getting into because...they are right there, right next door. I talk to them. I know what they do. I know the services they do. I don't want to do research in this lab anymore.

Still waiting on the VA job to respond back. I like the idea of the research they are doing and it sounds more active than what I'm doing now. But that's another 2500 mile trip, and moving is really stressful. But. Just waiting for now.

Now I wait.

Feb. 9th, 2015 09:47 am
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And hope the right thing happens )
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Things have been crazy it seems. Lots of emotional up and down with B and I again since we both hate this area. Then we both got sick. I'm just getting over mine. Counting down the days until we fly out of here and visit home for 2 weeks. In the mean time I'm going to be trudging along.

Hopefully, I will be having a skype interview either next week, or if they allow it, an in person interview with a lab at my previous institute, different PI. I've printed off several papers to look over the weekend to prep for the interview and learn about the work there. It seem interesting from the PI's website. Circadian rhythms and their effects on the biology of the body. Whoa! New stuff, but some of the same stuff too, just put out there differently.
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cut text )
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What next? )


Feb. 25th, 2014 09:09 am
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That's how I feel )

TLDR; My mood isn't any better and I'm uber stressed about my interview tomorrow.

ETA: There are 4 other people being interviewed. The inter views are suppose to be 1.5 hrs and has my lab manager, boss, and the 4 people who work in the Core Lab.
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I hope it doesn't happen to me again! )
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Maybe I will stop warning my coworkers when I need to turn out the lights for my process. I don't know if I'm just reading too much into it, but I always feel that I get rude response to it. I don't want to surprise anyone by turning them off, and if they do need to be able to see something small I want to at least warn them that they may need to move to a different section of the lab to work. If they don't like it, fine I will stop.

bad day

Dec. 19th, 2012 09:33 pm
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Actually more of a bad week.

I have been having a hard time at work. Science is hard at time, especially when you are trying to troubleshoot. I had things working pretty well a few weeks ago, then it just stopped giving the expected results.

I have been trying freshly prepared of all reagents, fresh protein, fresh lipids, fresh buffers, different section of binding paper, even bought new chemiluminescence. Nothing is working, and it is frustrating me to no end. I am running out of ideas. The last one I had was to check the anti-bodies that I use, but doing a blot with just those shows that they work just fine.

I've only come up with one more thing to try other than calling the lipid company for advice, and that is to check a chemical that I have been using. The lid broke a while ago and I have been sealing it with parafilm since we don't have any other lids to fit it's bottle, probably should have just transfered it to a generic bottle rather than leaving it in it's original, but really could a little air cause it to go bad this way? I don't know I'm really just grasping at straws at the moment for anything that could have been wrong.

I was going to do a Christmas Remember When post, but it's late now and I doubt it would make any sense. Heck, I don't know if this one one makes sense, I'm just typing. It really is time for bed.
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I fail )


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