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I'm happy that I've been working on this story. I started it two years ago and it never left and just kept building and returning in my mind. But there is so much built up now. I'm having a hard time stringing the parts together.

It's just a giant fluff/hurt/comfort fic. The fluff is easy to write. I've had ideas since I started using a cotton candy bingo card and I've thought/seen more ideas that I want to use to slather these two in fluff and love. I'm slowly developing an abusive background, which has been interesting in both researching and writing. Other stressful chapters have been written and I have so much more that I haven't gotten down on paper or typed up. I'm afraid I'm going to forget what I want to happen, when I want it to happen. I have 4 chapters written (mostly complete), I have an idea of *when* I want them to go in the timeline, I'm unsure of *how*to get them into the storyline. I still have the chapter I know I want to go before them to write before I can post them. I just keep getting distracted, jumping all around.

I also want to eventually add some sticky smutt to it, but it just never sounds write when I do try to write it. Other writers make it seem so easy. I enjoy it when I read other peoples work, but my own, it just doesn't seem to flow the way I want. Blah.
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