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I didn’t feel well for most of the day. Migraine and nauseous, it was miserable. I slept in past lunch. Thankfully, I didn’t have to go into work to check on the fish. I really hope that I don’t wake up like that again.

Once the pain in my head receded I was able to finish the book I’ve been reading, and I began the next book, the last book of the trilogy. I’ve been working on reading the Pathfinder series, by Orson Scott Card.

The first book was kind of slow in the beginning, but the second half really pulled me in. So did the second book. It’s been a long while since I’ve read a book so quickly. My only complaint was how abruptly the second book ended. I thought I was missing pages. Currently the third book hasn’t sucked me in the way the second did.

For me this has been a pretty unique story. I don’t read as much as I would like to, I just don’t often find things I actually like. This one I found in the young adult section. Like Ender’s Game the heros are mostly teens/young adults. I thought the characters in both books were well developed. And except for the … physics…maybe, of how the powers of the character’s work it’s a fun idea to follow.

The main character, Rigg, can see the paths of every living person and creature that every set foot on the planet Garden, a planet that was settled by humans from Earth. Only, when the spaceship jumped through space to arrive at Garden, it jumped backwards through time 11,900 some years. The calendar of Garden also counts down, rather than up, counting down to the time that the original spaceship made the jump through space. Rigg’s friend, Umbo, and his sister, Param, also have special abilities. Together they go on adventures exploring the different lands of Garden, learning what they can about the world and the world of the people who settled it.

But they are in a race against time, sort of, to learn everything they can. In three years, from the end of the second book, and the start of the second, they only have 3 years to prepare for the foreseen destruction of Garden. In 2 years, Visitors from Earth arrive to see how the original settlement has taken root. What they don’t know is what happens when the Visitors arrive and what causes the humans from Earth to send a second wave of ships called the Destroyers, who as the name implies, destroys the planet of Garden.

I’m hoping the third book, picks back up, it starting kind of slow, but it feels like its trying to recap a few things. But I am really interested to find out how everything resolves.


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