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First off, two pics of Blast Off and Onslaught. TAAO is killing me with these two. I'm so sad to see this series end. I hope something continues along this line some how.
Digital Drawing of Blast Off and Onslaught )

Draw Request for Blast Off and Onslaught )

Playing with a brush pen. I don't really work with my ink pens much any more :(
Perceptor in Ink )

Inked Sharkies )

I've been playing with paints recently. I love using these. There is something really relaxing about painting.
Minibot Series )

(I have this one in inks too)
Just keep swimming )

Currently I'm working on a painting of Soundwave. I've been up and down emotionally these past few days, so he's going a bit slower than I would like. But! He is also bigger than the mini bots. The minibots are on 4x6 canvases, Soundwave is on 8x10.

I'm having ideas for other series portraits. Along with Soundwave I want to do Rumble, Frenzy, Ravage, Lazarbeak, and Ratbat, only they would be on the 4x6.
B thinks I should do something similar with Blaster and his cassettes.

Then, there is the idea to do 4x6 of individual combiner mechs and then an 8x10 of the combiner itself. This one sounds a bit grandiose to me. I've not done a combiner before and I would want to do too much detail -_-'

B also has a lot more confidence in me than I do. He's gotten me thinking about doing commissions. I've shared some comments I've gotten on my paintings and he thinks people would buy my work. I'm tempted to throw it out there, but I just don't have confidence that I would be able to produce what someone asks for. I'd be to worried about what exactly they would want. There is also the fact that everyone is opening commissions right now. Why get one of my paintings when one could buy something better from another artist?

I also have no idea what to charge. I'm not really out on materials, those are fairly cheap (at least for me). Shipping could get tricky. I did go to a couple of comic shops that were selling similar sized paintings. I think the 4x6 were $25, and I kind of felt that my skill was a bit higher than that artists. But, $25 seems too high to me. I was thinking $10, and B said I was aiming too low. I don't know how much they were doing 8x10s.

Any thoughts on any of the above? Suggested prices you would buy for? Would you request a commision if I put one up?
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There is an art tag on twitter #MarchOfRobots. I've been trying to keep up with doing an art a day for this.

Day 1: Jazz lines. )

Day 2: Jazz colors. )

Day 3: Sharkticon. )

Day 4: Thundercracker. )


Feb. 23rd, 2017 09:01 pm
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I made cookies for a coworkers bday. So...robots eating cookies.

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So This came across my Tumblr dash and I'm really happy it did.

Lots of great poses, great palettes, and a RNG when ya just don't know what to do or don't have any requests.

Here's a Drift I did using 4D and palette 20 )
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I'm really trying not to be hard on myself and my art drawings. I follow several artists and sometimes seems by a lot of their work really brings me down and discourages me. They are in a relationship place I had planned to be able in by now when I was younger. I use to be really good at anime/cartoon style works. But I'm so out of practice and I just can't seem to get myself motivated to improve and get to where I once was.

I wanted to be an animator. Now I look at movie companies and video game companies and think ... I could have worked on that. But I didn't pursue that like of work. Instead, I listened to my mother and went into the science field. You know because it pays good money. Ha! What a joke that was. Barely being paid above minimum wage, working 60+ hours a week. Only to move from job to job because money always dried up since everything was grant based. At least now I have a somewhat science job that pays well with regular hours and time and a half over time. It's still not where I wanted to be.

I'm mad at myself for letting my love of drawing and talent I had slip away. Now I just compare my drawings to all the other drawings on the wide net and want ta just stop again. I want to draw for myself, because I enjoy it and like what I make. But stupid technology. I like something I did for stupid fun and have to share it. I get little response back and it just discourages me for some reason. It's like I want so many other people to really like my work, and the couple of compliments I get just doesn't give me the boost I hope for. I want to get over that need of being popular or liked or whatever. I don't even know that many people on line. I'm not sure what I expect.

Anyways, I finally managed to get myself to start on my Soundwave/Cosmos Christmas piece. I'm not liking it now because of the reason be in the above rant. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be back to normal and like what I've done.
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I've been in the holiday mood with my fan art, and trying to not just do characters in santa or elf hats :p
If anyone has any suggestions or requests I'm happy to try to give it a shot.

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Started this two nights ago. I had my eyes dilated and it was impossible to see anything on a screen. It was kind of awkward finishing this after the new Bithmuth episode. Makes me wonder what other secrets Rose has...


Feb. 18th, 2015 09:58 am
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Read [personal profile] decepticats Starlight when it was posted to the transformers group here on DW. Super cute, tried drawing a pic for it. The back or robots are hard, a sitting position even harder. Seriously? How do they sit with all the kibble?
Anyways, robots are in marker and the rest I played with in Gimp. It was fun but I wonder if I should add Gimp colors to the robots.

Art Post

Feb. 15th, 2015 09:14 pm
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I haven't been posting my art stuff here. Mostly just to Twitter and Tumblr. Been trying to do a daily thing, but right now that's hard to do. I did do one today (most of last week too). It's for a prompt in the Rare Pair group on LJ. Tailgate/Rewind: Small talk over a cube of energon. Forgive the mess, I'm trying to be fast and practice with some low quality markers.

Art Post

Dec. 4th, 2014 12:16 pm
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Need an image, but I haven't posted it yet! Fairly old, by a few months, that I couldn't find I can't seem to find in my tags. I apologize if I've already posted them.

Not finished, need to get some pens of the correct colors for PB.

Finished :)

And I found these when looking for the others, again I don't know if I've done these already, I couldn't find them.

I also have a really good in progress ink drawing of Shockwave, but I'm going to wait on posting that one. I would like to finish it. Though I don't know when I will.
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I've been sick most of the week. Yay not having the meds for my AR. But I did manage to get the Jazz/Prowl request in palette 10 done for [identity profile]

G1 style characters are hard. I need to try to work on those more. Not terribly happy, but I do like it.

Image post

May. 5th, 2014 09:53 am
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I don't know if the rare pair group does pics anymore. Didn't get linked over on LJ as submitting, but I don't know if posting to the group here posts over in LJ too since I didn't see my post over there. Anyways. I did line art for a couple of the prompts last week. I want to either color or black and white them sometime . . . eventually. . . (I played with lines on the Bee Smokescreen one, but I didn't like it)

SUMMARY: Snuggling next to someone important to you is a good way to start the day
PROMPT: Blaster/Perceptor – a way to start the day )

FANDOM: Transformers: Prime
SUMMARY: During some down time, Smokescreen snaps a photo with his new best friend.
PROMPT: Smokescreen/Bumblebee – Picture Perfect )

Doing stuff

Apr. 8th, 2014 08:46 am
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Hey look I actually finished some things. I probably should be working on my fics, but nothing seems to be coming from them. So I've been drawing Skywarp with his pet sharkticon, Sharky (cause I'm original with names -_-)

I'm super happy with this one. I'm having fun with these two :3

This one was a quick 20 minute doodle trying out my resurrected tablet. Bigby thinks I need to make a realistic one like this and have them together. Something like Reality vs. Daydreams. An idea to work on.

I have a third one I'm working on where Skywarp is showing Sharky to Starscream and Sharky bit him. lol. If you follow me on twitter you would have been spammed with that one a few weeks ago. I'm still working on it, but had been distracted by the selfie image. :)
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It's not the best but it's a start!
Colored in 'Eh' Starscream )


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