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As much as I am enjoying my work, I often question if my boss likes me as a worker. A lot of the time things seem to be going fine. But then I have days where she seems upset about everything I'm doing, over critical maybe. I don't know if she is just stressed about upcoming events and is noticing things more because she doesn't want there to be any issues. Maybe I'm just really sloppy some days... That may be true, but somethings she criticizes days later; the way I took a measurement, learning how she wants me to take notes, etc.

Then, I have moments that make me frustrated because I know it's my own fault. Like today, during our meeting, we were going over one of my tasks I was to do this week. I spent a few hours finding all the MSDS' we need and making sure we have a digital copy of them. I found all but a couple and made note of that. However, this morning, they weren't in the folder they were suppose to be in. I only managed to find maybe 8 of the 20 documents that I was missing. So now I need to do some of that work again in figuring out which documents I am still missing.

I know some of the way I'm feeling is that I tend to take it really bad when people criticize me. I've improved compared to how I use to react. In that past I would be a blubbering mess in the bathroom after a day like today. Now, I'm just probably over worrying. I really don't want to have issues with this job, with my boss. I don't know how well we get a long work wise though. As I've been writing I feel over criticized and haven't been liking her tone of my work. And I've been trying to not get grumpy when I come in each morning and things are changed from the way before. It's her lab and she can set it up however she wants. It just kind of bothers me that she asks me to do things, but she just goes behind me later and moves it or does it some other way. I feel like I'm wasting my time. And I really try not to let it bother me when she does this in my own space. Moving my notebooks around, rearranging how I have office supplies set out on my desk, an order I have a system for.

It's all small stuff, but it bothers me.
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Feb. 25th, 2014 09:09 am
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TLDR; My mood isn't any better and I'm uber stressed about my interview tomorrow.

ETA: There are 4 other people being interviewed. The inter views are suppose to be 1.5 hrs and has my lab manager, boss, and the 4 people who work in the Core Lab.


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