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I almost managed to draw something every day this week,somehow missed Wednesday, and most are finished. AKA I may or may not color them. B introduced me to a site that has a somewhat active drawing request thread. It's given me some fun projects this weekend. B is super happy that I'm drawing more and having fun with it. Only bad part is that it has caused me to seriously fall off my MarchofRobots since I'm not drawing robots. Whoops. I'm sure I'll get back to them. B has given me silly request ideas, and the draw thread has given me some fun ideas of my own. B is also really happy because he thinks I do female bodies well. He hopes some of this will make me brave and get more adventurous in my work. ;)

I'm on night shift this upcoming week so it will remain to be seen if I can manage to function enough to continue some type of a drawing streak.

Saturday March 11: Sixshot )

Sunday March 12:Tailgate and Cyclonus spending time together )

Monday March 13: Rodimus needs a hug and Magnus needs some space )

Tuesday March 14: Tailgate emoji challenge *wink* )

Thursday March 16: Triggered Triggerhappy )

Friday March 17: Sketch of a wrestling image with Carnage, Venom, Anti-Venom, and Spiderman )

Saturday March 18:Teen Titans Raven in the skirtless version of 2b's outfit )

Sunday March 19:Power Girl dressed as the Pink Ranger )

Monday March 20:Female Sabertooth )


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