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Dec. 24th, 2013 03:17 pm
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I'm not quite ready to start looking for a job again. I just moved across the country in the fall of 2012 for this job. I've been letting my boss down. He is being nice about it though. He sent me a listing for a job in the Core Lab which is located right next to the lab I work in at the moment. He thinks I am highly qualified for the job and that it would be safer than the position I am in now. Currently I am on grant money, so I don't always know that I will be funded until the next grant comes in, and at the moment there doesn't seem to be any grant money to carry me on once the grant I'm on now is over. The job in the core lab isn't so shakey and I would be able to stay there for a while if I wanted to. I also already know the people who work there.

Sadly, this just makes me feel like I'm just being pushed off onto another lab/PI again. VT couldn't keep me for the full year they contracted me for, but that was because the PI I was under was a moron and didn't know what he was doing. This one has kept me much longer even though he hasn't been too happy with my work. I think he thinks I'm not cut out for research, at least not the research he is doing.

I'm just frustrated. Like I said, I'm not ready to be looking for a job again. It's all stressful and I just want to be in a secure job for longer than a year and a half. I'm probably going to apply to the job, see how it goes. There is another job I've been looking at at the near by coast. It is still research, but it lets me get back into the fish area as well. And I found a job in my university area (B's hometown) that I may be qualified for if they haven't found someone to fill the spot yet. I have DNA experiance, but no RNA, which is what they are aiming for, but I know how to do all the other stuff they have listed. So worth a shot right :/

Guess I will be working on my CV while I'm away on break...


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